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What will be investigated?

The UFP exposure study is intended to investigate the exposure caused by ultrafine particles in the Rhine-Main region.

UFP Belastungsstudie

The exposure study aims, among other things, to provide information about the sources of UFP present in the Rhine-Main region, their relevance, and how UFP emissions are spatially distributed and how they disperse. On the one hand, analysing the UFP exposure should help provide information for the FFR’s expert committees and working groups. On the other, its objectives will serve the public interest in additional findings about UFP exposure, its origins in the region and potential mitigation measures.

Furthermore, recording the exposure in this way will form the basis for a subsequent impact study. In parallel to the exposure study, the design for a subsequent impact study was put out to tender and work on it will commence in January 2023.

Determining the design

The first step towards an extensive exposure study was to develop a design for it, which was submitted in 2022 by a consortium with the following members:

  • Leibniz Institute for Tropospheric Research, Leipzig,
  • Helmholtz-Zentrum, Geesthacht,
  • Leibniz Institute for Environmental Medicine, Düsseldorf,
  • Institute for Atmospheric and Environmental Sciences at Goethe University, Frankfurt.

The version of the design finally submitted was discussed in the bodies of the FFR and presented to the external quality assurance, and formed the foundation for the next step – drawing up the specifications for the invitation to tender for the exposure study. The invitation to tender was issued in the summer of 2022.

You can access all the documents in the download section. The publications are only available in the German language. Therefore, you will be redirected to the German website.

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