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UFP Luftmessungen

About the study

What will be investigated?

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UFP Belastungsstudie

UFP exposure study

Which sources of Ultrafine Particles exist in the Rhein-Main region?

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UFP Wirkungsstudie

UFP impact study

What effects does Ultrafine particulate matter have on our health?

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UFP Qualitätssicherung

The scientific quality assurance

How is the scientific quality assurance of the study conducted?

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For several years now, there has been increasingly intensive discussion of the emissions and impacts of ultrafine particles (UFP) at the airport in Frankfurt am Main. (Ultrafine particles are those with a diameter of less than 100 nm; 1 nm is one billionth of a metre). The Forum Flughafen und Region (FFR, Airport and Region Forum) has set itself the task of conducting extensive investigations into the exposure caused by ultrafine particles and their effects on health in the Rhine-Main region.